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About us

SERBIAN CENTER FOR COOPERATION is a non-political, non-governmental and unprofitable association aiming to establish the platform for cooperation of professionals in various fields on the local, national and international level, and especially with the Diaspora, in order to bring the Serbian cultural, scientific and spiritual heritage closer to the modern world.

Serbian Center for Cooperation collects inspiring educational materials, encourages innovative thinking and elevates creative energy within its weekly workshops. It organizes debates, lectures, art colonies, and other types of gatherings, and publishes multimedia editions aiming to promote the authentic Serbian heritage dressed in a modern air.

Adding a European dimension to its activities, our team is developing, in the relevant working groups, specific sectorial projects to be implemented in cooperation with its strategic partner - European Projects Association (EPA), based in Brussels. As a national contact point of EPA we are open for new partnerships and cooperation with other proactive civil society organizations in the Western Balkans, the EU and the rest of the world. This also implies stimulating good working relations and responding to the challenges of local and national institutions while bringing an added value to their initiatives in certain priority areas.

The team of the Serbian Center for Cooperation is mainly comprised of young professionals of Serbian origin who have spent some time outside of Serbia or still live abroad. It is through the international network of these people that we keep track with the contemporary world, while recognizing the innermost need of the modern population to revisit its tradition, customs. Having tasted the flavors of Serbian heritage, these people can confidently respond to the challenges of the modern time.